KOMATSU Komatsu Reconstruction Challenge

Reconstruction underway


Creating a miniature world by
digging, pressing, piling, and
flattening sand on a beach or in
sandbox as a child —that’s when we
first learned the joy of making and
shaping the world with our own

Since its establishment in 1921,
Komatsu has experienced that joy
together with countless partners
around the world in the fields of
construction, mining, forestry, and
many others.

The times have changed.
The environment has changed.
The technology has changed as
That joy, however, remains the

Some things need to be
transformed, while others must be

That is why we are reconstructing

To foster stronger partnerships
at the new headquarters slated for launch in 2027.
To envision our future while believing in our past.
To advance deeper connections with the world for a better tomorrow.

Reconstructing Komatsu to ensure
that the joy of creation never ends.


For the first time in almost 60 years, the headquarters of Komatsu will reborn. This rebuilding project has inspired us to take on the “Komatsu Reconstruction Challenge.”
Even though the word “reconstruction” is generally used to refer as “rebuilding,” “restoration,” “renovation,” or “remodeling,” we added the nuance of “reform” to this.
Komatsu employees will come together to contemplate, discuss, and realize our vision for the future while preserving our corporate identity and strength. The challenge starts from here.

Komatsu is setting out on a new path going forward.
Learn more about our former headquarters and its 57 years of history through documentary footage and images.
We will continue to share our efforts through this website, so stay tuned for more episodes.